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SmartEnd CMS是一个独特的管理仪表板(控制面板),包含了所有你可能需要构建任何类型网站的选项,基于 Laravel 5.8强大的框架,它包含前端网站预览和灵活的Restful API。使用良好的文档和技巧可以轻松地更新开放源代码,这将对您有所帮助。








A perfect and stylish dashboard with 4 different colors and styles.
Responsive Admin Panel.
Two Languages ( English & Arabic ).
Two directions LTR and RTL.
Laravel 5.8 powerful Framework.
Secure dashboard with login access and reset password functionality.
A webmaster permission to mange site sections and main features.
Dashboard with quick overview of all the modules.
All general settings you will need for any website.
Dynamic website sections, pages and categories.
Multi Login features with Facebook ,Twitter, Google, LinkedIN, Github, Bitbucket.
Control google Tags & Analytics control in dashboard.
Control activate/Deactivate captcha from dashboard.
Control Email settings control in dashboard.
Ability to clear cache feature.
Ability to add additional custom fields to any section (CRUD).
Automatic sitemap generator (/sitemap.xml or /sitemap/en).
SEO settings and ability to activate friendly URLs.
Multi categories choosing for every topic.
Related topics tab for every topic.
Ability to activate/disable registration feature for the dashboard.
Every section fields and features management.
Adding ability to activate expire date with topics of any section.
Adding ability to activate attaching more files with any topic.
Text editor for every page.
Multi upload module to upload bulk of photos.
Google map module to add multi maps in pages.
SEO module for every page and section to help improve your website.
Icon picker to choose icons for categories and pages.
Additional fields for Arabic language can be activated.
Control activate or deactivate APPs for dashboard.
Search engine to search any where in dashboard.
One place (Menu) to add every thing in your website.
Categories and subcategories management.
Banners and sliders management.
Powerful inbox will ability to connect your webmail.
Multiple reports with graphical illustrations.
Notifications with new emails and events.
Users Permission Control.
Visual Translations.SmartEnd CMS – Laravel Admin Dashboard with Frontend and Restful API – 5

Responsive Bootstrap Flat Design.
Two Languages ( English & Arabic ).
Two directions RTL and LTR.
Restful API is available for Frontend (/api/v1).
Ability to control style settings and colors.
Ability to control logo,fav icon, backgrounds.
Dynamic menus and pages.
All topics type: text pages, photos, videos add audios.
Multi maps and locations with every topic
Multi Photos with every topics.
Enable/Disable Comments.
Get all topics for every user.
Search Engine for every section.
Enable/Disable Order form for every topic.
Topic details format with advanced text editor.
Multi categories with Fontawesome icons.
Ajax forms for contact page, newsletter subscribe, comments and orders.
Ability to enable or disable Captcha.
Multi places for Ad Banners.
Home page slide show banners
Latest topics on home page
Control all social networks links.
Share script for : facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and pintrest.
Visits counter for every page.
Most Viewed for every section.
Two styles for footer.
Enable/Disable newsletter subscription form.
Enable/Disable Pre loader.





Version 8.3.0 (January 30, 2021)
– Update: To the latest Laravel version 8.25.0 (Requires PHP >= 7.3).
– Fix: Date picker arrows on RTL version.
– Fix: Table view header inactive columns.
– Fix: Search in additional fields select type.
– Fix: Fix YouTube image link in case of use HTTPS.
– Fix: The link of edit events in calendar.
– Fix: Search if no results on contacts page.
– Fix: Direct menu links slug in multi language case.
– Feature: Convert statistics of table and private section to charts.
– Feature: Change calendar locale to be the same as view language.
– Feature: Adding ability to choose first day of week on calendar.
– Feature: Adding ability to change date format generally.
– Feature: Show new comments count badge on dashboard with topics list.
– Feature: Improve home controller code structure.
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